About Redmond

We are a Polish company developing commercial and residential real estate in Poland and Switzerland.

Our history

The Redmond Group was formed in 2002 originally as a film finance / executive production entity. It was engaged by Hollywood film production and distribution entities to raise finance for their films. For example, the company raised finance for the following Franchise Pictures LLC films (amongst others):

  • Laws of Attraction (Piers Brosnan & Julianne Moore)
  • The Whole Ten Yards (Bruce Willis & Matthew Perry)
  • The In-Laws (Ryan Reynolds & Michael Douglas)
  • Ecks versus Sever (Antonio Banderas)

In 2006, after a failed attempt to raise finance for the Warner Brothers movie The Departed (Jack Nicholson; Leonardo Di Caprio), the Redmond Group moved its entire focus into property development.

The company has since been involved in 5 shopping centre development projects, 2 residential development projects as well as 2 hotel projects and the acquisition of a portfolio of commercial real estate investments.

Our team

Michal Rudnicki
Head of Development, Poland

Michal is responsible for all development projects, real estate sales and leasing activities in Poland
Justin Pearce
Head of Development, Switzerland

Justin is responsible for developing the Swiss residential property development business organically.
Joanna Koziollek
General Counsel

Joanna is responsible for all legal and legal compliance matters in Poland.
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